Wake Up to a Younger You

Botox treatments are the most commonly performed, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure in North America.

Typically, Botox is used to smooth facial wrinkles above the nose. Juvaderm, a dermal filler, is commonly used on lips and the lower half of the face.

It seems like everywhere you turn someone is offering Botox and Juvaderm. Why come to a dental office?

Here’s why:

We know our anatomy, Dr. Unser knows exactly where and how much Botox or Juvaderm to inject from his years of training on the nerves and muscles in the face.

We happily and freely discuss with you what is being injected, the risks and benefits of treatment and we will never pressure you into buying treatments you don’t want.

If you’re interested, Dr. Unser is always happy to schedule a no-charge consultation with you to show you some before and after photos of our satisfied patients.

To schedule an appointment or consult call 303-835-7071

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