Get Whiter Teeth with 20th Avenue

If you want whiter teeth, you are not alone! There are many causes of unflattering smiles: discolorations and stained teeth, older crowns showing a black line at the gums, failing silver fillings that turn teeth gray. Whatever your concerns, we can help you find a solution to give you that smile you always wanted.

At Home Whitening

Many patients like the low cost and easy use of the at-home whitening process. We take an impression of your mouth and in about 3 days your custom-made whitening kit is ready. You use a prescription strength whitening gel an hour a day for 2-3 weeks to achieve maximum results. You can continue to use your kit once a month to maintain your ideal whiteness.

Permanent Whitening

See Veneers. We use Lumineers brand porcelain veneers to permanently whiten your teeth. These are ultra thin custom fit casings of porcelain that are bonded to the front of your teeth. Once bonded the veneer is very strong. They can also be used to correct gaps, chips, mis-sized and misaligned teeth.

While custom designing your veneers, Dr. Unser pays careful attention to your surrounding teeth to ensure your veneers will complement your overall smile. Resulting in a beautiful, natural smile.

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