Get a Movie Star Smile

During your no charge consultation, we’ll focus on your goals and ideas. Based on your ideas we will then custom design a natural and beautiful new smile.

Here are some of the ways we might achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Virtual Face Lift

Sometimes missing teeth and excessive enamel wear can collapse the distance between your nose and chin, resulting in an older appearance. We can restore tooth condition and length which eliminates folds and wrinkles and improves chewing function. Full mouth rejuvenation improves your smile and reveals a more youthful you.

Lumineers Veneers

These ultra thin but very strong porcelain casings are bonded to the front of your teeth. They can close gaps, restore chips, broken teeth, mis-sized, misaligned and discolored teeth. Changes can be made to your smile in a few weeks while the benefits of a beautiful smile could change your life.

Gum Shaping

Think of your gums as the frame around your teeth. A great frame enhances a work of art. If you have uneven areas in your smile or if some of your upper teeth not equal in length, we can safely remove excess gum tissue. Gum shaping is remarkably effective if your teeth appear short or you have a “gummy” smile.

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