For The Nervous Patient

Comfort and compassion. That’s our promise.

Advances in technology have made many aspects of dentistry virtually pain free.

Our hygienist Chris uses a special procedure to give you more comfort during your teeth cleaning. No shots needed!

If you need an injection, Dr. Unser applies plenty of topical anesthetic then uses Vibraject Technology as an added distraction technique to reduce 95% of injection discomfort.

Chris uses the Diagnodent Laser Cavity detection system to find tooth decay early. As a result, Dr. Unser can use KAVO Air abrasion technology to remove decay. No drill AND no shot! This is especially great for our child patients.

Our chairs are all equipped with a central system to dispense “laughing gas” (nitrous oxide) all to help reduce dental anxiety.

Comfort and compassion. That’s our promise.

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