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It’s a simple fact of life: we all get older. And as the years go by, who doesn’t want a youthful, younger appearance? Many people do, which is why Botox and Juvaderm treatments have become increasingly popular over the past several years. These treatments allow people to look younger without having to go through extensive cosmetic surgery.

Why Choose 20th Avenue Dentistry for Botox & Juvederm?

When you think of which healthcare provider to choose for Botox and Juvederm treatments, your family dentist may not be the first person who comes to mind. But, as it turns out, it makes perfect sense to visit your dentist for this type of treatment. The reason is simple: Dr. Unser understands the anatomy of your face. He knows exactly where and how much Botox or Juvaderm to inject from his years of training on the nerves and muscles in the face.

What You Should Know About Botox & Juvaderm

Botox and Juvaderm treatments are minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and are commonly performed throughout the US each and every day. Typically, Botox is used to smooth facial wrinkles above the nose. Juvaderm, a dermal filler, is commonly used on lips and the lower half of the face. As is always the case with any dental or cosmetic procedure, Botox and Juvaderm may not be the right choice for everyone. Dr. Unser would be happy to discuss with you what areas of your face will be injected, along with the risks and benefits of treatment, to help you decide whether Botox and Juvaderm injections are right for you.

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For more information about Botox and Juvaderm treatments, contact our office today. Dr. Unser would be happy to schedule a no-charge consultation with you to show you some before and after photos of our satisfied patients.

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