Snoring Treatment & Sleep Apnea

If you suffer from disrupted sleep due to snoring or sleep apnea, it can have a negative impact on the quality of your life overall. Lack of sleep means that you’re more likely to fall asleep or feel drowsy at inappropriate times during the day, or that you won’t be able to concentrate on work or school tasks. Even worse, you could feel drowsy at times that are dangerous, such as when you’re driving a vehicle. Dr. Unser is pleased to provide help to patients from throughout the Lakewood, CO, area who suffer from these issues.

Why Choose 20th Avenue Dentistry for Snoring Treatment?

Many people don’t realize that snoring problems are often related to dental issues. And many dentists don’t offer treatment for these conditions. But Dr. Unser is different. He understands how disrupted sleep can impact the quality of life for his patients. In over 30 years of providing high-quality dental care to people from throughout the Lakewood, CO, area, Dr. Unser has seen firsthand how many of his patients suffer from snoring and sleep disorders. That’s why he’s pleased to offer treatment for these conditions to his patients.

What You Should Know About Snoring Treatment and Sleep Apnea

There are many reasons for disrupted sleep. You may simply snore too loudly or suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding). But some patients have a much more serious problem called sleep apnea. This condition prevents people from breathing for extended periods of time while they’re sleeping, and can actually be life-threatening. Fortunately, Dr. Unser has a variety of treatments available to alleviate disrupted sleep. If you wake up tired or with a sore jaw, or if you find yourself lacking energy or have difficulty making it through the day without getting drowsy, make an appointment with Dr. Unser today.

Call 20th Avenue Dentistry Today for More Information about Snoring Treatment and Sleep Apnea. Dr. Unser can help you or any member of your family by providing snoring treatments. Contact us today for more information.

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